Monday, July 18, 2011

Here are some interesting and useful videos on how to get started with clicker training your dog

Clicker is a small plastic device that produces a loud and distinct "click" sound which is a powerful tool used as part of positive reinforcement training. It is so powerful because it sounds always the same and is absolutely directed towards the dog and precisely marks a behavior. It is an event marker. Clicker training is also known as marker training. By the way, you can use hand signals, verbal sounds or whistles instead of clicker to mark a behavior, but since clicker sounds the same through out, clicker is preferred marker tool amongst dog trainers. 

You must remember that clicker training is much more than just clicking and treating the dog and you need to learn a number of things before you start with it. Clicker training can be effectively used to shape new behaviors and correct various behavioral problems in your dog. To get started with this training method you can check out these wonderful videos.

This video will show you how to charge a clicker

In this video you will learn how to teach your dog to touch a target stick using clicker training


In this video you will learn how to teach the spin technique using the clicker

This video teaches you how to teach your dog to take a bow

Marker training is one of the most powerful and safest methods to train your dogs. Marker training can be used to train almost any type of animal and marine animals including dolphins and blue whales.

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