Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In clicker training dogs, a low quality reinforcement or reward drastically affects the efficiency and speed of training

If you are a clicker dog trainer then you know how important the timing of the click or the rate of reinforcement parameters are to get the maximum out of your dog in less time, but did you know how crucial the quality of reinforcement or reward is? I have some easy to remember points about the quality of reinforcement and the wonders it can do in your clicker training venture.

  1. By choosing better toys or a high quality treat, you can drastically improve the efficiency of your training.
  2. Along with the timing, criteria, and rate of reinforcement, the quality of reinforcement can make or break your training efforts. So higher the quality of reinforcement, more efficient the training.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Best practices and techniques in clicker training that you must adopt in order to become a better clicker dog trainer

Clicker training is considered as one of the most effective and humane positive reinforcement methods to train dogs and other animals. Clicker training is not about just clicking and treating the dog. It is much more than that and you need to learn this training method in depth in order to become a good clicker trainer. Many people directly link clicker training to just clickers and treats. But you can in fact clicker train your dog without a clicker or treats. Sounds absurd? But that's the fact.

Clicker is only a behavior( or event) marker to let the dog know which behavior you are after. Since clicker produces a unique sound that is different from the common sounds that your dog hears, clicker proved to be a better marker tool than verbal or hand signals. Now the treats - you can use anything to reward your dog that your dog finds rewarding  - it can be treats itself, or toys or life treats like greeting people, playing with other dogs and so on. But since treats easily satisfied the natural food drive of the dog, food treats have proved to be the best reward in clicker training which made the training more efficient and quicker.

You can associate a verbal command or cue while clicker training and gradually wean off the treats and eventually the clicker itself. These videos will give you some essential techniques and best practices that you must master to become a good clicker trainer.

Friday, July 22, 2011

How to teach your dog to open the door or drawer for you using positive reinforcement training?

You must have seen training videos of dogs doing simple tricks like sit, stay or lie down or may be fetching a newspaper or a soda from the fridge. But dog training has gone much more challenging and complex if you didn't know. It has gone to new levels that are unfathomable. Now dogs are widely trained for search and rescue - where the dog assists in fishing out people trapped in an avalanche or under a building debris or rescue a drowning person from a river making the entire search and rescue operation a lot more easier, quicker and efficient for we humans.

Dogs are now being utilized for many duties that are considered impossible for human beings or the most sophisticated gadgets in the world, like bomb, disease & drug detection and even predicting the death of patients in hospitals. Dogs are now widely used as personal protection dogs proving again and again that they are the only loyal friend for human beings.

Here are two great videos that shows you how to train your dog to close a door or a drawer on command using positive reinforcement training method. Clicker training has proven to be the most efficient and the most humane way to train dogs.

How to train your dog to call you after hearing the calling bell using clicker training?

If you have been wondering how to train your dog to call you and lead you to the door if the calling bell rings and were searching for some training videos on that, then here you go, I have found some incredible videos that will help you teach your dog just that - using clicker training.

Please watch the first video and then the second one.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crucial Crate Training Facts | How to Effectively Crate Train Your Dog or Puppy using Positive Reinforcement

It is very crucial to crate train your puppy/dog if you have to leave it un-attended - for certain duration esp. when your house is not doggy proof. Dogs are instinctively den animals, so training a dog to accept the crate as a secure resting place is not that difficult provided you never use the crate as means to punish your dog.

Different Type of crates

There mainly two types of crates available in stores – the wired crates and enclosed plastic crates the most common ones. Though crates come in different sizes and materials the most important thing that you must take care while buying a crate is that your dog can comfortably stand, lie down and turn around in it. A crate must neither be too big, nor too small for your dog. If it’s too big then the dog will start using one portion of it as its toilet.

If you are going to use the crate exclusively for potty training your dog, then aluminum wire crates are the best, as they are designed to collect the excrements of the dog and are easy to clean up. But if you want the crate to be just a resting place for your dog then the den like plastic crates are the best.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Here are some interesting and useful videos on how to get started with clicker training your dog

Clicker is a small plastic device that produces a loud and distinct "click" sound which is a powerful tool used as part of positive reinforcement training. It is so powerful because it sounds always the same and is absolutely directed towards the dog and precisely marks a behavior. It is an event marker. Clicker training is also known as marker training. By the way, you can use hand signals, verbal sounds or whistles instead of clicker to mark a behavior, but since clicker sounds the same through out, clicker is preferred marker tool amongst dog trainers. 

You must remember that clicker training is much more than just clicking and treating the dog and you need to learn a number of things before you start with it. Clicker training can be effectively used to shape new behaviors and correct various behavioral problems in your dog. To get started with this training method you can check out these wonderful videos.

This video will show you how to charge a clicker

Friday, July 15, 2011

5 Useful Positive Reinforcement House and Potty Training Tips for Your Dog

If you have brought in a new puppy or dog home then the first thing that you must start working on is house training or potty training your puppy. It will take anywhere from few days to few weeks to fully house train your dog, but it may vary from dog to dog. Clicker training is the best training method to quickly and efficiently house train your pup. I have some useful tips for you to get started with the house training your dog that will make the entire process faster and easier for you.