Monday, July 25, 2011

Best practices and techniques in clicker training that you must adopt in order to become a better clicker dog trainer

Clicker training is considered as one of the most effective and humane positive reinforcement methods to train dogs and other animals. Clicker training is not about just clicking and treating the dog. It is much more than that and you need to learn this training method in depth in order to become a good clicker trainer. Many people directly link clicker training to just clickers and treats. But you can in fact clicker train your dog without a clicker or treats. Sounds absurd? But that's the fact.

Clicker is only a behavior( or event) marker to let the dog know which behavior you are after. Since clicker produces a unique sound that is different from the common sounds that your dog hears, clicker proved to be a better marker tool than verbal or hand signals. Now the treats - you can use anything to reward your dog that your dog finds rewarding  - it can be treats itself, or toys or life treats like greeting people, playing with other dogs and so on. But since treats easily satisfied the natural food drive of the dog, food treats have proved to be the best reward in clicker training which made the training more efficient and quicker.

You can associate a verbal command or cue while clicker training and gradually wean off the treats and eventually the clicker itself. These videos will give you some essential techniques and best practices that you must master to become a good clicker trainer.


Clicker training is a fine motor skill that you must practice in order to perfect it. So watching these videos and learning different techniques and other information shown in them will surely help you to become a better clicker trainer of dogs.

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