Friday, July 22, 2011

How to teach your dog to open the door or drawer for you using positive reinforcement training?

You must have seen training videos of dogs doing simple tricks like sit, stay or lie down or may be fetching a newspaper or a soda from the fridge. But dog training has gone much more challenging and complex if you didn't know. It has gone to new levels that are unfathomable. Now dogs are widely trained for search and rescue - where the dog assists in fishing out people trapped in an avalanche or under a building debris or rescue a drowning person from a river making the entire search and rescue operation a lot more easier, quicker and efficient for we humans.

Dogs are now being utilized for many duties that are considered impossible for human beings or the most sophisticated gadgets in the world, like bomb, disease & drug detection and even predicting the death of patients in hospitals. Dogs are now widely used as personal protection dogs proving again and again that they are the only loyal friend for human beings.

Here are two great videos that shows you how to train your dog to close a door or a drawer on command using positive reinforcement training method. Clicker training has proven to be the most efficient and the most humane way to train dogs.

These 2 videos will surely inspire you to take on positive reinforcement training to train your dogs from now on. This type of training method can easily help you shape new behaviors in your dog and also eliminate unwanted behaviors. 

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